Requirement for the residents

To stay in the dormitory, every resident should submit the result of the health check-up as below to Ajou Service Center(ASC) within one month after moving into the dormitory. If residents don’t have the health check-up result, they can do the check-up at Ajou hospital.

  • Location : 4th floor of the Ajou University Well-being Health Center
  • Available Time : 7:00 a.m. ~ 3:00 p.m.
  • Fee : 11,000 won
A table showing the statistics of Requirement for the residents
Mandatory/Optional Name of disease Reason
Mandatory Tuberculosis Contagiousness
Optional Hepatitis A If the test result says you have no antibody, you must get a vaccination
Hepatitis B
The measles,
mumps and rubella
Price=approx. KRW25,000/vaccination (Vaccination for these diseases will be available at Ajou health center from April, 2011.)
Chickenpox Price=approx. KRW20,000/vaccination (2 times vaccination will be needed for full treatment.)
Recommend Personal belongings (disinfection) Harmful insects and cockroaches prevention.


Dormitory accommodation exclusion

  • Expelled students
  • Tuberculosis patients
  • Students not registered for school
  • Students that have been disqualified by the Hall President
  • Suspended students

Early leaving & Withdrawal

If resident have to leave in the middle of the semester, resident will need to submit a request and follow the procedure outlined below. The dormitory fee will be refunded to the student, but not the full amount. Student will be charged for the number of days student resided in the dormitory.

  • Procedure

    Fill out the form to the dormitory office → Submit the application and the room key → Check the money sent from the dormitory office

  • Refund

    The payment will be refunded as follows;

A table showing the statistics of Refund
  within 4 weeks within 8 weeks within 12 weeks after 12 weeks
Payment 100% 75% 50% 25%
Refund 75% 50% 25% 0

Residents who leave the dormitory because of the violation of any dormitory rules and regulations will not receive a refund

Summer or Winter vacation residents receive no refund for early withdrawal from the dormitory


The following are grounds for expulsion from school

  • Students who violate the rules and regulations
  • Students who are found to be harmful and disruptive to residential community life

Regulations for residents

All residents should abide by the rules and regulations of the Ajou University Dormitory. Any violations against the rules and regulations will result in penalties as the followings;

A table showing the statistics of Regulations for residents
Violations of Regulations Penalty
Voluntarily withdrawing or taking a leave of absence from school

Dismissals from

the dormitory

Being placed under arrest for criminal acts
Being suspended from school for a specified period of time or submitted to a more severe disciplinary measure
Entering the dormitory under someone else’s name or non-resident stay overnight
Engaging in any conduct of excessive drinking, violence, theft, gambling and arson
Harming public interest by unruly behavior
Making an illegal entrance into the dormitory
Letting a person of opposite gender stay overnight
Changing rooms at his/her discretion 15
Smoking inside the residence hall 15
Spreading fabricated information through the Internet 15
Not floowing the directions of the university staffers 15
Damaging or making alterations to dormitory fixtures 10 (must pay
for damage or loss)
Making excessive noise or taking any actions that disturb other residents 10

Bringing in or using electric products including all types of electric heaters (mat, cushion, etc.), stove, refrigerator, rice cooker, TV, iron and burner.

Note: Rice cooker & heating pot can be placed only in the kitchen.

Cooking outside the designated areas 10
Transferring the key to the dormitory to a non-resident without prior permission 10
Disturbing neighbors after excessive drinking 10
Bring in and raising pets without approval 10
Not attending orientation and fire safety education 10
Letting in non-residents at his/her discretion 5
Leaving the dormitory in an untidy condition 5
Removing or relocating fixtures and facilities at his/her discretion 3
Drawing graffiti on or attached unapproved materials to the wall 3
Haning out the wash in the corridor 3

Those who received prior approval from the director of the residence hall are exempt from 16 and 20

Dismissed residents cannot re-enter the facility (Including any resident who accumulates 30-point penalty or more).

The penalties are valid for one semester and will be deleted after they are used for the selection processing during the next semester.

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