Application Eligibility

  • Registered foreigners seeking to stay for more than 91 days, who want to depart and re-enter within the permitted period of stay
  • Foreigners who were exempted from foreigner registration, who intends leave Korea and enter again

Required Documents 

  • Passport
  • Foreign registration card
  • Application form for re-entry permission
  • Fee(single) : tax stamp KRW 30,000
  • Fee(multiple) : tax stamp KRW 50,000
    Fee-Exemption for Overseas Study(D-2), Korean Language Study(D-4-1) visa holders

Types of Re-entry Permit

  • Single - Good for a single entry, valid for up to one year.
  • Multiple - Good for multiple entries, valid for up to two years.

How to apply for re-entry permit

  • e-Application :
    ① Apply → ② Pay service charge → ③ Receive → ④ Process
  • Reserving an appointment

    ① Visit and reserve an appointment → ② Visit the immigration office or its branch office at the reserved date → ③ Apply → ④ Receive → ⑤ Process

Applications that were not processed on that day can be found under Status of e-application

Single re-entry permit may be applied at the airport immigration offices on the departure date


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