Graduate School of Information and Communication
  • Information Communication
  • Information Protection
  • Ubiquitous System
  • Information Communication/C41
  • Information Protection/C41
  • Ubiquitous System/C41
  • Information System Audit


Founded in 1998 for the re-training of the workforce at Ajou University, the only university to participate in the Brain Korea 21 project in the information communication field, the Graduate School of Information Communication and Technology has reached the stage of full-scale development. Aiming to cultivate competent field professionals demanded by informatized and globalized society, the school is providing theory-based education in the information and communication field and field experience for technological advance. With the introduction of distance education system in 2003 and active operation of courses based on the online/offline integrated models, the school provides a variety of teaching and learning environments for workers with temporal and spatial constraint. The school is the only institution that runs the night school along with online education selectively for staff with information communication-related research institutes or corporation, soldiers, and civil servants.

Goal of Education

  • First, development of insight into the future of information society in the 21st century
  • Second, development of the capacity to draw on new information technology
  • Third, Capacity to implement information technology
  • Fourth, Cultivation of leadership to lead information society in the 21st century

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