Graduate School of Information and Communication
Intensive Majors
  • General Administration
  • Social Welfare
  • Real Estate
  • Electronic Government


The Graduate School of Public Affairs was established in 1996 to provide graduate training in public policy and administration. The mission of the school is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of management and governance of public institutions by providing continuing education for community leaders as well as public service professionals. With "informing public policy, educating for leadership, cultivating non-profit management skills, and networking for community membership" as its motto, the school operates an offline master's program(general administration, social welfare, and real estate) and a special program(real estate CEO) with an integrated, multi-disciplinary educational system. The school also opened Korea's first master's program in online e-government in order for busy moderns to receive boundless education without temporal and spatial constraint. The school focuses on the cultivation of creative and autonomous administrators who can adequately deal with complex public issues and problems in a rapidly changing global era.

Goal of Education

To produce creative leaders in the public and non-profit sector who will take the lead in national and community development in the 21st century.

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