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Nursing education has undergone a series of changes along with social changes, fiercer global competence, and educational reform in terms of quality. Changes in the consciousness of patients and conditions of disease require nurses to play more extensive roles and become experts with a wider range of knowledge and skills, better understanding of humans, and more extensive self-regulation than ever before. To keep up with changes in human history as such, Ajou University College of Nursing launched the four-year baccalaureate nursing program and RN-BSN program in 1998. In 2003, a program leading to a Master of Science degree in health education in Ajou University Graduate School was initiated. The master's programs for advanced practice nurses were established in 2004, which focus on educating advanced practice nurses with professional knowledge in their clinical fields. And the Department of Nursing in College of Medicine, Ajou University, was promoted to a separate and independent college in 2006. In addition, a doctor of science degree in health education in Ajou University Graduate School was newly organized in 2007, dedicated to improvinge the high standard of nursing and unifying the nursing education

Goal of Education

  • Professional nurses who practice love with humanity
  • Professional nurses who exert their capacity
  • Professional nurses who pursue globalization

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