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The Ajou School of Medicine, which opened in 1988, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2008. The school emphasizes medical research to produce world-class medical doctors in the global era, training its students to take leading roles in various medical fields. In 2012, a total of 705 students graduated from the school. Despite its relatively small number, however, the school produced two graduates who started their medical career as an executive and a research team leader. The school is making every effort to develop itself as a top-notch medical school that produces medical professionals in the BT industry and the pharmaceuticals industry, medical administrators and medical journalists as well as medical doctors and scientists.

Goal of Education

The Ajou School of Medicine aims to produce medical doctors with character and the capacity to bear the responsibility for Korean public health, and educate its students to become global leaders in various professional fields.

  • Professionalism : medical doctors with responsibility, dignity, and a sense of morality required by society
  • Competence : medical doctors with a wide range of medical knowledge and skills and the capacity to solve problems,
    which is essential to family doctors.
  • Self-development : medical professionals who are devoted to developing themselves and learning for their lifetime.
  • Leadership : medical professionals who play leading roles in various professional fields around the world.

Undergraduate Program

Since the last century, Ajou School of Medicine has been promoting medical education throughout the nation to improve the exposed problems of modern medicine. Our efforts to meet the new global trends that can bring medical benefits have made us adapt distinctive educational systems from the past. Current medical education is divided into the enrollment curriculum and the medical curriculum. In the medical curriculum, a new integrated curriculum called ACME (Ajou Curriculum for Medical Excellence) 2009 was created.

With our emphasis on character education, we established leadership courses, introductory seminars, medical ethics, and dialogues with mentors, and we distributed the classes evenly throughout the six-year program in order to promote ethical and moral cultivation in future physicians.

Based on the educational goals of professionalism, competence, self-development, leadership, and scientific knowledge, we aim to train physicians and medical scientists who are able to predict new diagnostics and treatments for various disorders. We will train them to be global health professionals who contribute their skills and services for the benefit of the world.

Exchange Program with Sister Schools Overseas

The Ajou School of Medicine has been operating a student exchange program since its agreement with the School of Medicine at Stony Brook University in New York in 2003.

Students at Ajou medical school are developing global mindsets through communication with medical scientists and students overseas and cultivating their capacity for bigger roles in the bigger world.

The exchange students, once they are selected, receive tuition waivers and other financial support that covers travel and accommodation so that they can focus on their studies. The presentation of students who joined the student exchange program are encouraging fellow students to apply for the exchange student program with confidence in their competence.

  • AUSOM Students to Stony Brook / University of Florida / Keio / G.d'Annunzio


A table showing the statistics of Faculty Members
Year Number of Student Period Credits Institutions
2003 4 2003.06.23 ~ 08.16
(8 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(2) / SUNY-SB(2)
2004 7 2003.06.21 ~ 08.14
(8 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(3) / SUNY-SB(3) /
Harvard Medical School (1)
2005 7 2005.06.20 ~ 08.13
(8 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(3) / SUNY-SB(4)
2006 9 2006.06.26 ~ 08.06
(6 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(5) / SUNY-SB(4)
2007 12 2007.06.18 ~ 07.27
(6 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(4) / SUNY-SB(8)
2008 16 2008.06.16 ~ 07.25
(6 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(3) / SUNY-SB(8) /
Keio Univ.(2) / G.d'Annunzio Univ.(3)
2009 17 2009.06.15 ~ 07.24
(6 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(5) / SUNY-SB(8) /
Keio Univ.(2) / G.d'Annunzio Univ.(3)
2010 19 2010.06.28 ~ 08.06
(6 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(6) / SUNY-SB(8) /
Keio Univ.(2) / G.d'Annunzio Univ.(3)
2011 12 2011. 6.27~ 8. 5
(6 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(4) / SUNY-SB(4) /
Keio Univ.(3) / G.d'Annunzio Univ.(1)
2012 7 2012. 7. 2~ 8.10
(6 weeks)
4 Credits Univ. of Florida(5) / G.d'Annunzio Univ.(2)

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