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The Ajou College of Law proudly established itself as a full-fledged college of law in June 2005. Started as the undergraduate law program in the College of Social Science in 1985, the College of Law is the outcome of 20 years of persistent efforts to cultivate "genuinely talented professionals with a wide range of legal knowledge."

Despite its relatively short history, the Ajou College of Law has produced a large number of successful bar examinees thanks to devoted faculty, a wealth of scholarship programs, and exceptional bar exam preparation classes. Also, it is showing profound academic strides in civil law, criminal law, constitutional law, and international law through various annual academic seminars.

Furthermore, the College of Law is planning to shape itself into a professional graduate school specializing in corporate law in order to keep pace with recent progressive changes in the legal profession with the introduction of the law school system. Accordingly, it is making an all-out effort by pouring in all available human and financial resources to accomplish its educational objective to cultivate competent legal professionals who can effectively resolve legal disputes in the corporate world with their ability to correctly interpret laws and relevant precedents and contribute to the establishment of legalism through the education that can actively cope with the ever-changing nature of the international relations.

Functioning as the gateway to producing these legal professionals in corporate law and experts in business legal affairs, the Ajou School of Law will raise its status as a prestigious college of law in Korea and make a great contribution to the expansion of legal services.

Goal of Education

The College of Law aims to foster genuinely talented professionals with a wide range of legal knowledge.

  1. First, exemplary professionals who respect character and honor
  2. Second, talented professionals with advanced legal knowledge
  3. Third, information-oriented creative professionals
  4. Fourth, exceptional professionals with a global mindset

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