Pleasant innovation by the members of Ajou University changes both the University and society.

The history of Ajou University has been filled with new challenges: it has not only opened new frontiers in Korea’s higher education by introducing the double-degree system with foreign universities for the first time among Korean universities, but has grown as one of the leading universities in only about forty years since its establishment. 
Now, Ajou is poised to take on yet another challenge. It is dreaming of its “Second Establishment” in order to lay the foundation for its one hundredth year as a leading university and to become the cradle of the true leaders of our society.
Through quantitative growth and a qualitative leap, we are committed to opening the era of “Ajou Premium” and changing the world in the name of Ajou as follows:
First, we will produce excellent talents, who impress both the students themselves and the entire society.
We will instill students with the “ability for survival” in our competitive society with basic knowledge and a solid education in their majors, the “ability of taking the initiative” so that they can find what they want and solve problems on their own, and the “ability of harmonious living” with which they are considerate of others and respect diversity.
Second, we will strengthen our research leadership and lead the way for both academia and industry.
We will pursue “evolutional research” via creativity and convergence based on core competencies and “excellent research” through sound competition and an innovative incentive system, and we will generate “effective research” results via collaboration among industries, academia, research institutions, and public organizations.
Third, we will fulfill our role and responsibilities for changing society and opening a new era.
We will focus our capabilities on “building social capital” for harmonious living, “improving social mobility” which allows for individuals to move upward based on their own efforts, and “preparing for the unification of the Koreas” in addition to extending our global reach.
In order to realize this vision, the people of Ajou University will begin three “Pleasant Innovations.” 
Innovation is the expression of our strong determination to overcome and change the current reality, creating the future that we hope for. It is neither repeating what we have done in the past nor following the way others have taken only faster. It is opening new paths on our own with enthusiasm.
It is innovation of the environment in order to creatively overcome the challenges facing us; innovation of ourselves, breaking away from and changing our previous ways of thinking and working, and other systems for ourselves; and social innovation for developing our society in a sound manner amid conflicts and divisions.
These are Pleasant and Enjoyable Innovations because we are happy to do them, rather than being told to by others.  
These pleasant innovations by Ajou people will lead to pleasant innovations throughout the entire society of the Republic of Korea.
If Ajou changes, our society will change as well. With this confidence, there is no limitation in our courage to confront the challenges that face us, and the enthusiasm for realizing our dreams is endless.
Please support the courage of and join forces for the Pleasant Innovations by Ajou people.

빠른 이동 메뉴

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